Granite Is Worth the Extra Expense When Replacing Your Kitchen Counters

There is no doubt that granite countertops are going to cost more than almost any other type of countertop that is sold today. It is nothing to pay $5,000 or more, to have a beautiful slab of rock cut down, polished and brought into your kitchen but it is worth it. There is no other material that is going to look as good, be as durable and increase the value of your property.When you go to remodel your kitchen, you must look at it as an investment. Of course, you are looking for a more functional space and updated equipment but a kitchen makeover is also going to add to the value of your home. Study after study have shown that nearly 100% of the money spent on kitchen improvements will be recovered when you sell your home. So, it only makes sense to go with the very best materials. Granite in the kitchen is a luxurious addition that will not only raise your homes selling price but it is also going to make the property sell faster whenever you place it on the market.Builders have discovered the allure of granite countertops and began using them more and more in the kitchens of their high end homes. The more people saw them and the more impressed people became with their beauty, the more in demand they have become. You cannot walk into any home improvement store any longer without seeing slabs of granite outside just waiting for some do it yourselfer to bring it home. Granite has gone mainstream despite the high cost because people recognize its value.After looking good, the second best selling point is the durability. Granite is formed from magma that oozes out of hot volcanoes and hardens as it mixes with other minerals in the earth. Because of the way it has formed, it is heat and crack resistant. Unlike other materials used for countertops, you can set a hot plate that has just come right out of the oven on granite and it will not burn. The stone is also so hard that when something gets dropped on it, the granite will not chip or crack (unfortunately the item that you have dropped may not fare as well).The top selling points of laminate countertops and composite material like Corian have been the wide variety of colors and styles that they come in however the more granite is mined around the world, the wider the selection of stone. It is found on every continent around the world and each piece is unique. You will never find the same speckling or marbling effects in two different pieces. Make sure that your countertop, if it has to be installed in separate pieces, comes from the same slab so that the two pieces are similar enough that when they are seemed together they match. If your counter includes a corner, it is a very good idea to have a professional installer put it in. When the seams are joined together it is crucial to make sure there are no gaps and the connection is perfectly level.

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